Wet dry vacuum filters

  • Perfect for Cleaning Up Drywall Dust

    See A Demonstration Comparing CleanStream® Filters with Paper Filters

    GORE™ CleanStream® PRO Features and Benefits

    It Lasts Longer!

    • No need to change filters after wet applications
    • Easy to clean-tapping or rinsing-means more uses
    • Durable heavy duty construction. Aluminum core adds support, resists rusting
    • Super durable filter material

    HEPA Filter Captures More Dust and Dirt

    • Traps the smallest particles-fine dust, ash
    • 99.97 percent efficient at 0.3 microns. (1 micron is 60 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.)
    • Keeps basement, shop, garage cleaner

    An Exclusive, Non-Stick Surface

    • For wet & dry applications
    • Won't clog
    • Dirt and dust just fall away with a tap
    • Delivers maximum suction
    • Real HEPA filter rating traps fine dust and eliminates dust clouds

    CleanStream® Wet Dry Filters -- Work Great Wet or Dry

    • Wet Basement
    • Water Leaks
    • Plumbing Emergenicies
    • Outdoor Cleanup
    • Spills
    • Drywall cleanup
    • Cement dust
    • Auto Refinishiing
    • Sawdust
    • Cold Fireplace Ash

    Maintain Suction Longer

    • CleanStream® Filters maintain suction longer. Most filters use depth filtration, which traps dust inside the filter. These filters eventually clog and must be replaced.
    • CleanStream® Filters trap dirt on the surface. Tapping or rinsing dust away from the surface of the CleanStream® Filter restores the airflow of your vacuum.
    • That's why CleanStream® Filters work like new - every time.

    Easy To Clean

    • Feel the difference of CleanStream® Filters. Our exclusive nonstick surface stops ultra fine dust.
    • Filters are easily cleaned by tapping - dirt and debris fall away from the filter. For more thorough cleaning, rinse filter under clear tap water.

    GORE™ CleanStream® Classic Replacement Filters for RIDGID® and Craftsman® Wet-Dry vacuums

    Works Great for Wet/Dry Applications
    HEPA - Traps Fine Dust

    GORE™ CleanStream® Pro Filters trap dirt on the surface – just tap or rinse to clean – dirt and debris is removed from the filter. Filters pick up either wet or dry – no need to remove filter when used for water leaks, wet basement, plumbing emergencies and spills. Pro Filter provides HEPA Filtration (99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns) and 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

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    Part Number: 09085

    If you are not satisfied with the performance of this CleanStream® filter,
    return your filter with original proof of purchase for replacement or refund of purchase price to:
    W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., 201 Airport Road, Elkton, MD 21921 Attn: Consumer Returns Department

    Replaces Craftsman® Filter 9-17816, 9-17907 & 9-17912 and RIDGID® Filter Models - VF4000,VF5000, VF6000 and VF7000.

    We Fit These Craftsman® Vacuum Models

    Note: This filter does not fit the newer style RIDGID® and CRAFTSMAN® Wet-Dry Vacuums that utilize the Qwik Lock™ Filter Fastening System.

    • HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air
    • Works great for Wet or Dry application
    • Easy to clean: tap or rinse
    • Easy to install

    Filter Dimensions
    • Height: 8.566"
    • Outside Diameter: 7.37"
    • Inside Diameter: 4.375"

    HEPA - Traps Fine Dust

    Works Great for Wet or Dry Applications

    Wet uses
    • Water leaks
    • Wet basement
    • Plumbing emergencies
    • Outdoor cleanup
    • Spills
    Dry uses
    • Drywall cleanup
    • Cement dust
    • Cold fireplace ash
    • Auto refinishing
    • Sawdust

    Cleaning Instructions

    Cleaning: Clean installed filter by simply tapping or shaking the vacuum unit. To restore optimum airflow, remove filter, tap end cap against a hard surface to loosen debris. Additional debris can be removed by rinsing outside surface of filter with running water. Avoid dampening inside of filter. Completely air dry filter after washing.

    Cleaning: Feel the difference of CleanStream® Filters. Our exclusive nonstick surface stops ultra fine dust. Filters are easily cleaned by tapping - dirt and debris fall away from the filter. For more thorough cleaning, rinse filter under clear tap water.

    Important: DO NOT BRUSH. DO NOT clean filter media with abrasive materials. DO NOT scrub to clean between pleats. This will permanently damage the filter’s ability tostop dust and will void the warranty.

    Why is CleanStream the best filter you will ever own?

    It works better due to its non-stick surface!
    • Delivers maximum suction and it won't clog.
    • Can be used in wet or dry applications.
    • Real HEPA filter rating traps fine dust–which eliminates dust clouds!
    It lasts longer!
    • Easy to clean–tapping or rinsing–means more uses!
    • Durable heavy duty construction–Aluminum core adds support, resists rusting.
    • No need to change filters after wet applications.
    • Super durable filter material.


    Remove old filter and clean sealing surface on lid. Carefully slide opening of filter over cage. Push bottom of filter firmly down until it seats on filter post. Secure filter in place with existing filter nut. Do not over tighten. Damage or cracking of end cap due to over tightening is not covered by the product warranty. Do not use filter plate supplied with vac.

    Important: For liquid pick-up, do not fill above inlet or spillage will occur.

    Warning: DO NOT vacuum oily or hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, pesticides or other dangerous materials. DO NOT vacuum burning objects, embers or warm fireplace debris.

    Warning: Remove plug from outlet before removing the tank cover.